The Politics of Eurasia


Spring 2019 Class Meeting Dates and Holidays


Tuesday, January 15

Course overview, intros, get your books

Thursday, January 17

Overview of region: geography

List of places and themes/issues discussed

Visit:  Geohistory on Central Asia



Tuesday, January 22

Background on geopolitics of Eurasia.  The Soviet experience.  Soviet successor states and organizations. 

Thursday, January 24

Trade as the tie that binds Eurasia

Read: “Transregional trade in early modern Eurasia,” by Matthew Romaniello, in Oxford Research Encyclopedias



Tuesday, January 29

Eurasia in geopolitical perspective

Read:  “The rise of Eurasia:  Geopolitical advantages and historic pitfalls,” by Thomas M. Dorsey, Real News Network, January 7, 2019.

Thursday, January 31

The Great Game Revisited:  Eurasia and Power Politics

Read: “Back in the (Great) Game: The Revenge of the Great Eurasian Land Powers, by Pepe Escobar, in the Strategic Culture Foundation’s Online Journal, August 30, 2018.


Tuesday, February 5 

Finishing up overview of Eurasia.  In-class small group discussion.

Thursday, February 7

Quiz 1 on the overview of region, geography, history of trade, geopolitics

Intro to the Cultures of Central Asia

Reading:  Intro to Every Day Life in Central Asia


Tuesday, February 12

[Snow Day!!] Turks and Tajiks in Central Asian History  

Read:  Chpt 1 thru p. 25 (stop at death of Chinggis Khan) in Every Day Life in Central Asia

Thursday, February 14

Turks and Tajiks in Central Asian History  

Read: rest of Chpt 1 in Everyday Life in Central Asia



Tuesday, February 19

Communities: Everyday Life among the Turkmen Nomads

Read: Chpt 2 in Every Day Life in Central Asia

Thursday, February 21

Gender: The Consequences of Soviet Ideology on Gender in Central Asia

Read: Chpt 8 in Every Day Life in Central Asia


Tuesday, February 26

Religion in Central Asia

Read: Intro to Religion section and Chpt 19: Divided Faith: Trapped between the State and Islam in Uzbekistan

Thursday, February 28

Performance and Encounters

Read: Intro to section and Chpt 13: Public and Private Celebrations: Uzbekistan's National Holidays


Tuesday, March 5

Nation, State and Society

Read: Intro to section and Chpt. 17 Alphabet Changes in Turkmenistan, 1904-2004

Thursday, March 7

Choose country and topic as part of your quiz - list provided on quiz.

Quiz 2 - Culture and History of Central Asia


Spring Break Week!

Tuesday, March 19

Transitioning to Research

Thursday, March 21

Eurasia Revealed:  Cultural Currents across Eurasia

Tuesday, March 26

Meet in Foley Library, First Floor, East Classroom

Instructional Technology Librarian Caitlin Bagley

Thursday, March 28 no class - bib due by Friday, March 29 noon; upload in Bb

5 QUALITY sources - 1 book (background); 1 IGO or 1 NGO; 1 State or local government; 1 think tank; 1 media source specialized to your place.

Tuesday, April 2

Intro to Eurasianism

Read: Intro to Politics of Eurasianism

Thursday, April 4

Read:  "What is more important:  Blood or Soil," Chpt. 2 in Politics of Eurasianism

Week 11

Tuesday, April 9

Rasologia:  pseudoscience and longing for home

Read:  Chpt 2 in Politics of Eurasianism

Thursday, April 11

Civil society and freedom of the press in Central Asia

Presentation:  Olivia Moore, Jackson Frank, Molly Quillin

Read:  Chpt on Central Asian Republics from non-Western Democracy

and Putin's media war with the West

Week 12

Tuesday, April 16

Cities, City Life in Contemporary Central Asia

Adam Davidoff, Kim Millet, Chris Geanon

Read:  Chpt 5 in Everyday Life in Central Asia

Thursday, April 18

Environmental legacies, connection to the land, national identity in contemporary KZ

Lotan Mizrahi, James Best, Matt Dobner


Political and social change in contemporary UZ

Emily Cook, August Corppetts, Brianna Kangas, Will Rettig

Read:  ?

Week 13

Tuesday, April 23

Political and social change in contemporary Mongolia

Laurel Cinti, Ann Monroe, Austin Pegram


Gender roles in contemporary Mongolia

Stevee Lee Besso, Katie Gosselin, Matt Rogers

Read: chpt on Mongolia from non-Western Democracy book

Thursday, April 25

The politics of being Russian in post-Soviet Asia

Joe Hyde, Alexis West, Conner Messenberg


Transnationalism, ethnicity and religion in Central Asia and the Russian Far East

JP Kuder, Joe Corner, Brendan Dapper

Read:  Chpt 6 in Politics of Eurasianism:  Empires of the Mind:  Eurasianism and Alternative History in post-Soviet Russia

Week 14 

Tuesday, April 30

Transborder flows between China and Kazakhstan

Rusty Ford, Michael Tanaka, Nicky Wahlers

Read: chpt on China from non-western democ book 

and  Chpt 7 in politics of Eurasianism:   When Eurasianism looks East: Is Eurasianism Sinophile or Sinophobe?

Thursday, May 2

Transnational organizations - SCO, EEU, Belt and Road Initiative

Melanie Francis, Dawson Mackay, Trent Smiley

Read:   Chpt 8: Eurasianism in Russian Foreign Policy:  The Case of the Eurasian Economic Union

Course wrap-up and review for final

Read:  Chpt 10 in Eurasian politics text:  The Age of Eurasia?

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